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Dusk of the Madness Dusk of the Madness

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Music is awesome!!

Also great animation and drawing, a nice addition to the madness collection. :) Thanks for using my music, I like the way it fits your work.

Littleluckylink responds:

Lmao damn right bro

Snow Wars Snow Wars

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Ah I'm glad you finally made it, and those hours of work resulted in a good quality and funny movie. I liked the plot and the comic parts of it, the script was solid.

Really cool layout as well. I totally enjoy those subtitles, it makes my life easier since the sound quality wasn't that great - as well as the image quality but I'll do with it :P So yeah, the subtitles, the great menu with the scenes selection and the characters bios make it very pleasant to watch, kudos to you and ReNaNae.

I wish there was so much snow here in france... lucky guys :P. Awesome again you get a five.

*Review Request Club* lol wut?

Fro responds:

lol wut

ReNaNae did a wonderful job!

Stick Dudes! Stick Dudes!

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Needs more work

The overall feeling I had when the flash ended up was that you could have spent more time on it, maybe making it shorter in order to focus on the details.

The animation wasn't horrible and decent for a beginner at flash, I couldn't do better myself. Though work on the smoothness of it, try to make fluid since those lines moving were quite rough. I noticed the movements were really fast and the scenes really short, I advise you to make the actions slower and the scenes longer, it will be less painful for our eyes ;).

I didn't like the drawings to be honest, they were to childish for my taste. Spend more time on the details of the drawing, especially for the backgrounds of the scenes, try to use thinner lines also. Though I keep in mind you are twelve and that you do a better job than what I could do, so I can't criticise to much.

I tried to find any plot in your flash but I didn't find any, it was just a fight and we don't know why these guys are fighting, I just recognized some famous characters but it doesn't really count as a proper plot. As for the audio, you did a good choice and the sound quality was quite close from the original track, so good job.

Overall, keep practising, you are on the right way.

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The Pretenders The Pretenders

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ah you just submitted something new :P

Haha sorry if I'm a bit late, you know alcoh... hum wait, school keeps me away from the computer and NG. On the subject now, I really liked it overall. The story line was cool and captivating in the beginning, but as Coop said underneath, it gets boring after some minutes, it was mainly due to the fact the actions were long.

To avoid that in your next movie, you could try to reduce the length of the scenes. For instance the scenes are a bit disjointed and don't hand out together very well, but nothing too bad. Also I noticed the music quality was decent although you could make the narrator voice cleaner with a better mic or recording software :).

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Fro responds:

You must have been drunk when you wrote this review.

Snow Wars Introduction Snow Wars Introduction

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You damn statwhore, get it off from Newgrounds and put it on Youtube! Haha, seriously now. Although I already saw this episode, I enjoyed watching it again. I'm going start with the things that could be improved.

I didn't really like the first animated words that say stuff like "A FroNick Production", the moved too much and it was also too long, you could easily make it readable and shorter. I noted that some of the sentences didn't fit the window very well. I won't bitch about the flash and audio quality since you explained the problem on the author's comment and because you provided a link to the high quality version, that's a nice idea. That's pretty all I have to complain about.

Now the good points. I think I've already told you that I loved the music, although the audio quality is quite low :P. The soundtrack gave to your flash an epic side. The audio and the very good acting associated created a very solemn global feeling if you see what I mean. I also enjoyed the menu with the interactive flakes, that was a good idea.

Keep submitting projects you worked hard on. I'm looking forward the next episodes :D.

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Fro responds:


Ten years later sonofkirk writes a review even though I review his stuff the day it is submitted.

Ha, thanks for the review.

Ichi Vs Byaku Ichi Vs Byaku

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Enjoyed it !

The graphics and the animation were quite simple but it wasn't bad at all, actually, I like this. The drawings were "childish" but I think it add a funny aspect to the flash. As I said, the animation wasn't complex but it was soft and clear. The movements of the characters were smooth, liked it.

It has a lot of action in it and some simple humor which made it funny at times. I liked how this battle started with just a shitty insult, it was very funny. Also I liked the fake credits, it's a good concept. And the round two was a nice addition, though it gets long and a bit "boring" nearly the end, but not a major problem.

The voice that was used at the begining was nice but it's shame that it was the only part with some voice. Please more ! The audio tracks you chose were good and fitted very well the whole flash, good job here.

Overall a good submission, with some good parts and a good style. It could have used more voice though. And last thing, the buttonmon was great =D. Awesome.

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darknessdweller wuz here darknessdweller wuz here

Rated 1 / 5 stars

What's the point ?

Oh, a Clock Day submission ... But why don't make a funny stuff ? I don't mean a masterpiece, but something cool and funny :P

Graphics ... there was just a thing that I can't name. But at least you didn't try to do something you can't manage to do :P. The animation was kinda inexistant lol, sorry I can't comment on it.

I liked the story, especially when the warrior kills the dragon, very good job here ... lol.

The music was nice, it fitted well the animation. It gets a little boring nearly the end though.

Overall, make a flash the next time : ). Lol.

*Review Request Club*

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darknessdweller responds:

Hmm... mayve I will make something cool next time! XD

And it's ok, about the animation. I understand. Glad you liked teh music!
And yet I was gonna change it? NOT A CHANCE anymore!

In my mind In my mind

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice !

Very good effort man, I really enjoyed it. It kept me viewing until the end what means that it was catchy and well done :P.

A good job you did with the graphics, some parts were very nice. Though the drawing quality changes during the flash, I think it was expected and actually it's not bad at all. Through these changes we can clearly notice the differents dreams, so good job. The colors were nice. I liked, when at the begining, it switchs from black and white to colorful, it surprised me in the good way ; ).

The animation was smooth during most of the flash, but sometimes I got less soft and smooth but once again it's not a real problem. And the animation owes its awesomeness to the synchronization with the music. You did a great job with it, in my opinion it's the best part side of the flash.

I can really comment the story because a Dream isn't expected to follow any rules, this flash just shows the large kindom of the Dream, you really catched this feeling, I was like in a dream ....

The music was well chosen and fited in nicely with the animation, as I said above, great job. Nothing esle to say =D.

Overall, very good production that seems clean and well finished. Oh I forgot a detail, really enjoyed the Menu: it was pretty simple and empty but I enjoyed it. This dark screen made me think of the moment when you are almost sleeping but not entierly, so yeah, good thing.

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Lochie responds:

Thank you, I was trying to change styles throughout the flash, I just wanted to show my different techniques, I didn't get all of them in though.


It was supposed to be a dream-like experience, I am glad that you realised that. :)

I am glad that you understood pretty much everything that was intended, thank you for the great review.

[SG] TFAS Preview [SG] TFAS Preview

Rated 5 / 5 stars


It was beautiful, I'm amazed. The first thing I noticed is the colors ... seriously great. At the very begining, the orange and the black fitted very very well togother, very good choice of colors. And same thing during all the flash, again, very good job.

The graphics very nice, awesome I must say. I enjoyed the disign of the character a lot. You can easily feel the feelings of the characters seeing their face, good job catching it. Also, the Axe with the glasses made me think of a NG experience level lol (I beleive it's level 37). Good job here.

Nothing to coplain about the animation, really perfect. I liked the synchronization bewteen the music and the animation. Especially at the begining with the Lightnings and the text. The only thing I could is to add more frames to make the animation more "fluent" if you see what I mean.

Great job, overall! Too bad, it's a preview, I'm really looking foraward the finished product :P.

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MD08: Cliffs of Dover MD08: Cliffs of Dover

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well done !

Nice work with the graphics man, it was pleasant to see. The drawings were very smooth and soft. Your madness guy was well drawn, it was very close to the original drawings, loved it a lot : ). Though the guitar body wasn't exepted and crasy, though it was funny. The only thing I can complain about is the stage, it was too poor. Maybe you could add some guitar amps, pedal board and so on.

A decent work with the animation, like the graphics, it was quite smooth. I really enjoyed when the madness guy started to bang his head, it wasn't really in tempo but I liked this idea ; ). Though there are some problems with the animation : as Haggard said previously, there is no logic between the left hand of the guitarist and the music, when the notes are getting higher, the guitarist should move his hand at the bottom of the neck and the opposite when the notes get lower. And yeah, it lacked of motion ... the guitarist should move much than he does, make him run along the stage and jumping ! And a last thing, the interuption at the middle of the flash was too harsh, make it softer : ).

There wasn't real story here, but the song itself is a story so yeah ! And also I liked when, at the end, the guy recieve a piece of steel in his head, it would seems to be a parody of the Madness violence lol. Well done.

Awesome choice of music, Eric Johnson is a God and Cliffs of Dover is a master piece, very good choice. It's nice to see you didn't use the most popular songs as Eruption of Van Halen or a Dragonforce shitty solo, as everyone do. The sound was great, no problem here.

Overall, it's a good Madness Day submission, and it's nice to see there wasn't blood and violence.

*Review Request Club*

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